Click & Cover Recruitment Limited

...committed to providing highest levels of care, support and companionship to adult and elderly

Certificate of incorporation No: 11746555

About Click & Cover Recruitment Limited

...committed to providing highest levels of care, support and companionship to adult and elderly

Click & Cover Recruitment Limited is a registered Care Agency based in Manchester (North West of England), United Kingdom and incorporated with the Company House with ( Registration Number: 10756135).

Click & Cover Recruitment Limited is a care service “unique” to the health care industry. We are a different kind of care agency. We are a proud member of the UMBRELLA Corporation that is compliant with rights to payment solutions. The organisational team consists of qualified specialist HealthCare professionals; with seasoned experience providing healthcare solutions which is focussed in gapping nursing work force demand.

We have developed WORKS to offer you a practical solution and a real world approach; for example, we will assign one of our specialists and experienced nurse/carer(s) to you in order to enable continuity of care. Also, we will introduce one of our clinical team leaders to you as a back-up member of your nursing home / hospital setting the pace for high care standards.

We also believe that providing a high standard of care shouldn’t be a costly distraction for you and your healthcare organisation. Our specialist team have also developed works to avoid these problems. At Click & Cover Recruitment Limited , we adhere strictly to the fundamental standards spelt out by Care Quality Commission [CQC], (The independent regulator of health and social care) here in England.

What We Do

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    Click & Cover Recruitment Limited offers professional skilled care to enable people supported by us to achieve their desired potentials. At Click & Cover Recruitment Limited, we uphold Dignity and Respect.

    Everyone is treated as equal and given any support that is needed to help remain independent also making sure you have privacy when you need and want it. We go the extra mile and treat people supported by us and all those who works for us with respect and dignity at all time. We maintain the human and citizenship rights of all who works for us, those we provide care for and uses our services.

    What we do

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To support healthcare service provider to gap the nursing staffing shortage and deliver the highest standard of nursing care at the very last minute when no one else can.


At Click & Cover Recruitment Limited ; “we believe nothing should compromise nursing quality and dignity” Therefore, we aim to be the trusted nursing provider to meet the last minute requirements of nursing service. We are in response and reactive to fill the gap.